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Best Beaches to Visit in South Beach

Posted by mbg on December 8, 2021

The beaches in South Beach are among the most beautiful in the United States with white soft sand and aqua clear waters.   All year round, the waters are of a comfortable temperature for swimming and other activities.  You want to definitely bring plenty of sunscreen.  There are public restrooms near most major beach locations.  In South Beach, we recommend Lincoln Road Beach, Lummus Park Beach and South Point Park Beach for the best beach going
Miami's Hottest Events in September 2019
The school season has started, but that doesn’t mean all fun is over! From performing arts to a film festival, from Oktoberfest to Tyler the Creator, here are some Miami September events that can give you an unforgettable experience! Wynwood’s Octoberfest Presented by Samuel Adams Europe’s not too far away with Octoberfest season quickly approaching! For beer and fun lovers alike, the Oktoberfest season starts in September – from the 27 to the 29, to
6 Awesome Festivals in Miami
Festival season happens in the Summer and it’s all about music. Fortunately, this is almost completely false! Festivals in Miami happen all year round, and each is a fascinating, dazzling, rich experience. From carnivals to dragons, you can find anything your heart desires. Here are just some of the top Miami annual events: Miami Carnival Every October, one of the largest carnivals in the USA happens right here in Miami. 10 mass bands follow the
What to Do in Miami This Weekend
        Out of weekend ideas? We have a few tips on what to do in Miami this weekend. So grab your girl squad, or guy squad, and bring out your best outfits for perfect selfies because you are going to a party in Miami this weekend. Looking for sophistication on a yacht or wild and crazy club vibes? Maybe you’d prefer a laid back rooftop get together. Whatever your preference, Miami in
Miami's Events in August 2019

Miami’s Events in August 2019

Posted by mbg on July 18, 2019

In case you haven’t taken advantage of the chance to check out any Miami events, August is right around the corner and jam-packed with people and events you don’t want to miss. Summer is still going strong and the heat is turned all the way up with celebrities, festivals, and good food. And who doesn’t like good food? We have the scoop on where you want to be in Miami to party, drink, or just